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Why Women are using Weed Products for Sexual Health and Wellness

Products for Sexual Health and Wellness

Why Women are using Weed Products for Sexual Health and Wellness

Cannabis is used for an incredible array of health issues: it can alleviate anxiety, help with sleep, increase appetite, and treat chronic pain. It’s also a safer alternative to alcohol. And in the modern legal marketplace, many women are incorporating cannabis into their wellness routines as an alternative to prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies aimed at reproductive and sexual health.

recent survey of 1,011 women across the United States found that two-thirds of respondents said they use cannabis products, while more than one-third of them claimed to have used it to treat gynecological issues. There’s also evidence, as reported by Project CBD, that cannabis can have a positive effect on sexual health by reducing anxiety and pain, which are common barriers to a positive sexual experience for many women.

The conversation about women’s health and self-care products has come a long way from Summer’s Eve and scented tampons. Today, cannabis products for women range from THC tinctures and bath soaks to cannabis suppositories and CBD oils.

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Dazy CBD Lube is another intimate oil that’s safe to use with silicone toys and latex condoms. XES is a hemp-CBD vaginal serum that features a uniquely designed ergonomic applicator. Kush Queen Ignite CBD lube, Infinite CBD Big BangHigh On Love Stimulating Oil — there are plenty of options to try if you’re interested in incorporating CBD into your sex life.

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